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Great newsletter!  You have no idea the feeling I get when I receive this in my Inbox. 

It's one of the few newsletters that I read on a regular basis.

The most up to date news in the travel tech market.

Keep going Mauricio, there is no comparable newsletter to yours going out at the moment :)

I love it all, your analysis is excellent. It’s digestible and eye opening. You're awesome, this is the best piece of traveltech news around.

I like that you sometimes spot things that I don't in the world of travel. I also like the tone you use, in addition to your perspective. Thank you for the hard work on this!

I like that makes me feel updated about the travel industry. I also like that it’s curated content from an industry expert. Finally, I like that you 1) write content and 2) have opinion on different matters vs just linking stuff. It reminds me to Ben Evans newsletter. 

Global analysis and trends with a unique perspective

Love it ! Very insightful compared to the traditional media for an entrepreneur in travel tech. I don't have time to navigate several websites. Plus there are also news about the general tech industry such as Apple potential search engine.

Frequency is just right. Stories are balanced. I like that its not corporate, it makes it real that you are the face behind the newsletter. Thanks!

I think that the newsletter provides unique viewpoints and in-depth information, which is better than most other newsletters in travel.

I like everything - timing of every two weeks is perfect as is the content

Broad scope, always tied into travel, helps connect the dots in the a very interesting way, very well supported by references and resources, enjoy the opinions.

I love it! Clear insights, super well explained

Short summary paragraphs leading to more extensive articles. I like the research side (I have used it in some presentations)

Love the newsletter and try to apply learnings to my startup

Keeps me posted from last updates in the industry, focusing in Innovation, Start Ups but also in big players. Thanks Mauricio!

I am a big fan of your Travel Tech newsletter. It's one of the most incisive sources I have found for news on the travel tech industry, and I devour it rather greedily every time you send it out.

Travel and Tech peeps, shout out to Mauricio Prieto. Love your newsletter, keeps me up to date on how travel and Tech continue to blend. Thank you.

I am impressed by and thankful for a high signal-to-noise ratio in Travel Tech Essentialist newsletter. 

Always a great newsletter. Maybe the best out there.

Thanks again for the thoughtful detailed updates – I enjoy reading them

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About me

My name is Mauricio Prieto. Through Travel Tech Essentialist, I currently provide consulting and advisory services to industry operators and financial intermediaries in the travel ecosystem. I also co-founded eDreams in 1999, and was its CMO and board member until 2015, growing the company to one of the largest OTAs in the world with $5.5 billion in bookings, $550 million in revenue and $140 million EBITDA. eDreams became Spain’s first unicorn and Europe’s largest publicly traded eCommerce by the time of our 2014 IPO. Previously, I worked in online product development at Charles Schwab in San Francisco and at Booz Allen & Hamilton in Mexico. I graduated from Princeton University and have an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. I’ve lived 1/3 of my life in the US, 1/3 in Spain and 1/3 in Mexico.