It's interesting. However I find 2 issues here -

1. Seems it is trying to bias the reader towards using AI copyrighter only. A better way, in my opinion, would have been how to enhance the whole copyrighting process by creating a synergy between AI and human copyrighters. Seems like a coded bias

2. It touches upon the topic of "TRAVEL SEO" superficially. Most of the article just mentions why AI copyrighting in general is better and how it is changing the world. There was no data insights as well

3. At the end of the day, AI will be learning from data already available on the internet. It would take a lot of time before AI does some research itself and creates an original article, meaning it's still not that creative.

PS: I am not a SEO copyrighter. I find AI topics very interesting and am just sharing my thoughts. Also, I enjoy reading your articles, they are full of links and data that have added great value to my understanding regarding Travel sector. Keep sharing more. Cheers!!

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This is mind-blowing

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